Welcome to our latest, innovative piece of technology – the 360X. The 360X captures slow motion, high definition videos from every angle. The result? Awesome viral video content that can be shared within seconds on social media or by text.

The 360X is a great piece of tech to capture people playing with props. Record your guests from every angle as the confetti flutters around them.

Create an edge of mystery by activating a smoke machine surrounding the consumer with mist. It engages your guests and adds another dimension to your party with 360X videos.

The 360X captures videos, GIFs and boomerangs from every angle! Guests hop onto the branded platform and the slow-motion camera arm circles them – recording their moment in the spotlight.

Let your guest shine on their own, or in a group. They can be creative from every angle with cool, eye-catching props. The video is ready to share as soon as the guests leave the platform – and they cannot resist sharing.


Props include Light Sabre Battles !!!